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cases rail ( one belt)


maglev is fastest train in the world - currently it easliy does 400 km/hour - in theory 3500 km/hour will be achieved

- thanks to world record jobs creator xi jinping  ( 1 2 3  4 ) - world greatest summit 14 May 2017 beijing - for the greatest idea ever open spaced- will your country and region linkin to 21st c infrastructire like maglev-

will this finally end the tragedy of industrial revolution 1 that less than half world's girls (had chance to innovate) were fully connected ( by its grids (electricity , telcoms etc)

-recommendations if you dont live in chna make some epals fast so they can tell you all the supercity projects- eg shanghai currently has the fastest train


if you do live in china well done- plase help empower girls everywhere - girls epicentre for sharing good news stories in usa is baltimore (since 1881 when 4 black girls were the first to take ocean liner to court for not ending slavery's rules - 13th amendment 1865-

 may we also declare Balitimore to be where every chinese young person is welcome to a free tour and cup of tea -  hope to see you


答:下面摘自英文版中国日报文章,供你参考: Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) ...21 to 26. "China welcomes Italy to participate in the Belt and Road ...
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cases maritime - one road   -coming


cases supercity - coming 


ps if your study group isnt permitted youtube - we recommend rachel or ask us for written transcript of any video rachel supergirls co-create the world around


active storylines recommended to  class of 2017-2018 

World Record Book of Job Creation
Games of WRJC - World Record Job Creation
ER Norman Macrae
worlds biggest maths errors - not a grey rhino in sight
Chinese Capitalism - sustaining worldwide youth
Index System of World Record Jobs
Eva Vertes

 breaking 2017-2018 version 2 of Gores Inconvenient Truth

'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power' Fight like your world depends on it. On screen Friday 22nd September, 2017 at cinemas: ... 




Why 2000 could have been the most massive time for jobs development

-CRISIS are students of sustainability generation failing to examine whether professors are truly bottom-up


Here are 2 profiles of what being a poorest village mother meant before and after year 2000

Before 2000

No running water, and little sanitation

No electricity so no telecommunications, usually no literacy- so every skill had to be learnt person to person

No roads last few miles to village- lucky if there was a pathway for a rickshaws to distribute things

Possibility of solar and mobile telecoms

Other aspects of villages varied:

Eg violent weather

Whether lots of villages crowded into each other or were far apart


 Bangladesh became the most visited village space in the last quarter of a 20th C- here is what started to be massively replicated


Circles of 60 village mothers formed their own food security and mother and infant health services


Basic foods needed for infants first 1000 days and mothering of infants:

Water boiled or filtered



Veggies eg carrots



Notes – rice is one of the most convenient foods ( because its least perishable)

China and Bangladesh having started tens of millions of people –focused on innovating rice science round varieties for every local condition


However rice doesnt have vitamins- which is why infants get night blindness if they don’t get vegetables as well as risce. The first 1000 days of infanthood are critical- not only for life but for brain and body development


Milk is a difficult product unless it drink it fresh straight away- options for milk products are powereded mil, evaporated ,milk, yogurt/cheese (but the last two alos introduce chilled distribution problems)


Given the above dynamics, the bottom-up idea that Bangladesh invented and massively scaled :

Assemble circles of 60 mothers as micro farmers markets- first make sure that enough mothers worked on foods needed to secure diets for all 60 families; also maximize how the women helped each other with basic child care and health services such as oral rehydration.


Next question: what to export beyond the community circle so that community sustained positive trade flows. Out of Bangladesh villages, BRAC found 2 solutions. It brfed a hen that layed many times more eggs than previous village hens. This created hundreds of thousands of jobs as villagers had lots of eggs to export out of their community. Indee Brac’s village women networks became the market elader in egg production for the whole country.


Parallel question : what to import first where multiple circles could pool together to buy something? BRAC tried China’s barefoot doctors movement but found that qualified medical professionals didn’t want to live in village communities. So the idea of para-health workers emerged. These did not have years of medical training but they focvused on all the main nutritional and day to day health needs of mothers and infants. This became the start of developing a rural village health service paid for entirely out of village mothers earnings


Powdered milk became the answer for the other export market but BRAC had to time this carefully. For many years the Europena Union was producing a glut of powdered milk. Only when this stopped could BRAC make a market out of villagers milk production


Apart from loan sharks, village mothers had never seen any finacvial services – neither credit, nor savings, nor insurance. Vilage circles banking for the poor emerged


Put together all of the above provided a developing model economy (sustainable microfranchsied busienses) exactly the opposite of top down charity. It all depended on trust – most of all barefoot bankers living in the villages


There were however two main needs for aid – disaster relief, and childrens education. Fortunately BRAC demonstrated the most affirdabkle and effective and trusted bottom-up services in tese arfeas. These were largely funded by British Aid – ultimately it was the British who had been the most responsible for the condition the new nation of Bnagladesh started in 1971 as well as beking where Sir Fazle Abed graduated and originally had been employed by the Shell Coropration. Even with aid BRAC streamlined innovations such as econdary scholarships – now regarded as one of the first ever applicatuions of conditional cash transfer


This brings us to the year 2000. Bangladesh had become known as te open university of microcredit and micro-everything. Its expatriate networks made sure it had te first opportunities to experiment with both mobile telecoms and microsolar. The fjurst 2 decades of the 21st centirty cpuld have seen the greatest leapfrogoing model of mobile and grte4en energy girls empowerment. In Bangladesh there is a chance that they stil are. Pretty much everywhere else that had started experiemntsing with grassroirs network ing to end vaileg poverty has nobt been so fortunate. Prteety evil busoienss schools have IPO’s the original banking models for te poor so they are no longer owned in trust for the poorest. As it turned out only BRAC’s model had become so well connected that truly the world’s poorest girls sustained development of the 8th moist populous nation



Note miraculous as Bangladeh’s bottom up development has been its digital foundations remain mainly text based mobiles and it simly doesn’t have a wealthy doiaspora like the chiense had to invest in the sort of 21st C infrastructure of roads and trains and ports that China assumes 21st C small enterprise markets will linkin. In many ways Bangladesh is the most effiecent laboratory imaginable for the poorest village part of the Indian subcontinebnt. But will it see enough coding wizards to ensure its bottom up investment economy and brilliantly jobs-focuesed education systems continue to develop the way girl empowerment deserves




coming soon girls best one market stories - if you cant wait start with jack ma  (the worldwide's adviser on youth entrepreneurships) at unctad

further references of jinping and one belt</p>

jinping reuters interview before state viust to uk: Public opinion surveys conducted in Britain show that views of China are largely favorable among the British people. Our two peoples appreciate each other's time-honored and unique cultures. This is an important foundation and favorable condition for growing bilateral ties. It is true that some people have some misgivings about China-UK cooperation. What I want to stress is that in today's world, no country can afford to pursue development with its door closed. One should open the door, warmly welcome friends and be hospitable to them. This is recognized international practice. The UK has stated that it will be the Western country that is most open to China. This is a visionary and strategic choice that fully meets Britain's own long-term interest. China looks forward to engaging with the UK in a wider range, at a higher level and in greater depth.   In recent years, while global growth has slowed down, China-UK investment and business cooperation has kept growing. The UK has 


become the EU's second largest investor in China as well as China's second largest trading partner and investment destination in the EU. China has been the UK's second largest non-EU trading partner. In 2014, China-UK trade volume for the first time exceeded 80 billion U.S. dollars, and China's import from the UK has doubled in five years. Two-way investment between China and the UK has grown rapidly. China's investment in the UK has risen at an annual rate of 71.7 percent over the past three years. Last year, the UK investment in China increased by 87.6 percent year-on-year, the fastest among major EU countries.   The British government has introduced ambitious plans on upgrading infrastructure, building the Northern Powerhouse in the north of England and implementing the strategy of UK Industry 2050. These plans and the "Road and Belt Initiative" and the initiatives of "Made in China 2025" and "Internet Plus" undertaken by China complement each other in many ways. China is ready to partner with the UK in the spirit of inclusiveness, opening up and seeking win-win progress through cooperation to upgrade and expand cooperation to deliver more benefits to our two peoples.   This year marks the beginning of the second decade of the Chi...



tv affiliates: - nominate 200 trusted collaboration entrepreneurs; -SBE stockmarket is possible?;; Satyagraha


Please note: our editors loves to hear of nominations for other individuals who merit being in the same hall of change fame and potential WCBN support as those above

Other curiosities: : google ad


There are 4 future history endings to the 21st C. As my daughter is 9 year old: I find the first three of these compound futures utterly unacceptable and invite you to mail me at if you do too:

Dinosaur: means the whole human species will be as dead as the dodo. Tell us who's "death of birth" story interests you most. I'm a fan of Chairman Ray Anderson, and this video. In it, he explains not only how all corporations -as key systems in  productive and demanding networks of human relationships - can help humanity prevent the "dinosaur ending" but also how those corporations who value human life will compound the most profits too. It's a myth that sustainability business investments don't do well by doing good. But what is required is consistent investment through time as all entreprenurial and economic systems are intended be, not exercises in how much can you reap or rape from the world every last quarter. All the true economists have mapped how healthy societies beget strong economies, NOT  vice versa.

Shark: means that there will be a world of less than a billion people, most enslaved to the greediest and nastiest men. It is not for nothing that the Spectre villains in James Bond films kept pet sharks. Sharks sense how to make a human or financial killing at many miles - they literally are the best at smelling blood as well as having  blood-thirsty greeds. I am by no means claiming that most large organisational boardrooms are populated by sharks. But as a mathematician and investigator of Unseen Wealth research I am weary of hearing over 20 years of protests that we are ignorant of the system law : if  leadership only optimises how much money speculators take out from the last quarter's spreadsheet,  the organisation's  purpose will be full of holes than a pantomime dame's leaking bucket. Worse over time what you exclude from governing a system is what you compound the destruction of. That's why any boardroom who does not want to see its business case transparently audited for sustainability henceforth swims with the sharks or is blinded by butterflies.

Butterflies tell the wrong stories about system or network models of how to map the whole before getting boxed into parts. Butterflies making system patterns sound complex or chaotic beyond human wit. Inconveniently, this gives the manager the perfect excuse to say that sytsem transformation cannot be succesful.  Their end consequence is also likely to end with less than a million beings living, but this time survivors wll all be back in the cave age.  As the world gets more interconnected, what we need to map is exactly how do get interconnected in each other's most vital compound risks or joys. We do need to prevent the next HIV from spreading virally beyond early cases especially if it is transmitted by contagious birds. Grassroots in frastructures needed little more than a primitive mobile telephone network around Tsunami coastlines to prevent deaths of thos who were 5 hours away from the wave even if those nearest the wave's origin could not have ben alerted. We need to reduce online degrees of separation to zero when the information to be passed through us humans is life critical in its flows. Conversely, there are many types of active learning that multiply value in use instead of gettin g consumed up the way in dustrial things always were. The two great untruths told by the butterfly brigade:

1) that there is one primary way of thinking or doing systems- by definition systemic approaches interface and integrate around molecular subsystems; one simple consequence of this organsiationally is a lot more interdisciplinary flows are needed for the  service economy  organsiational system to wholly empower trust and other entrepreneurial energies

2) that my life -or yours - will be impacted on the other side of the world by a butterfly flapping its wing. This ludicrous insult to logic should not however lead anyone to believe that we can lose all the world's rainforests and expect climate equilibrium to be sustained.

Lion-Child - and I would delight in hearing of other identifications, since this is the truly important story of the four and merits every type of cross-cultural rendering you all can imagine - is about the collaboration characters we will need to flourish if 6+ billion humans are to thrive. Quite a simple thing to achieve if we are as truly curious as a child, as courageous as a lioness in protecting her young, and cherish the pride in community wellbeing as much as lions do.


Ideas for 24 Goals for the 24 Days PowWow on will humanity invest in Sustainability in Time

I gather that some goals gave already been decided. Numbers do not denote order:
Activity Goals
G1 Plant 24 intercity hubs around the world using Islington hub and espian plex tools as  strawman infrastructure for local adaptation
G2 Demand that London's Mayor etc open up sufficient spaces in public building for 90 day summer debate of sustainability issues
G3 Develop a map of all hubs and learning houses - ie to include the 24 homegrown ones, and others out there eg Brazil has at least two
London has the house  
G4 Get the 24 hubs to start editing their own crisis learning travel guide that Sofia is producing 2007 version of which incidentally will include a start up map of hubs; other contents in this include Harrison Owen Open Space for children; Gandhi family debriefings from the world's largest school and 1 million oneworld alumni; challenges of starting up CIDA's free university
G5 How can we go beyond the learning guide to a meeting  format trialled by London and for replication in any city Learning500 (see mail of sat feb 3 addendum Sunita Gandhi)
G6 invite 24 days participants to nominate 15 entries of book of the 200 most trusted collaboration entrepreneurs of 2008 , with particular foci on the 7 sustainability crises which become irreversible if they're not turning round by 2012 see pic attached
G7 The top 4 outcome crises in the picture are a direct match with Larry Brilliant’s 4 main goals for progressing the work of - how do we establish b ridges with that - he states these goals at this video minute 14
G8 How do we mobilise all new economists and sustainability investors around the empowerment development economics revolution Sir Nick Stern is leading which from May will be out of the London School of Economics- what London student networks already exist to interact positively with Sir Nick; how can we unite oxbridge and Indian alumni too (since eg Sir Nick's curricula is parallel to that Manmohan Singh has been pioneering since his Cambridge days in the 1950s and blends with the Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy of my father). How do we ensure that the debate on how to spend 1% of economies to save 20% does not get greenwashed by all the old vested interests; the worst scenario being that the 1% is wholly wasted while an image of saving the climate lulls us into false security
G9 How could we outline the definitive entrepreneurial, peace network (open systems , biomass) curricula that all new age universities and serve the world alumni need (eg blend this with the Sir Richard Branson entrepreneur school at Cida, the India alumni of city Montessori etc)    
G10 How do we popularise the 4 end states of sustainability - eg Dinosaur (death of birth), Shark (1 million enslaved by a few James Bond Spectre Villains), Butterfly probably 1 million cavemen through  telling system stories the wrong way (I'll never be impacted by a butterfly's wing but could from nuclear wave or terror wave or birdflu or Greenland unhinging) , LionChild (or whatever is your identity) of 6+ billion people collaborating around a higher order system of sustainability which fairly integrates every locality into globalisation. How do we own the vocabulary so that these 4 identities become part of worldwide chat.
G11 How do we identify journalist for humanity who care about at least one of the 7 above crises as reaching irreversibility by 2012 if we don’t fix them now
G12 How do we start developing supporters clubs around collaboration entrepreneurs connecting eg all the best ideas that Yunus is using - - a British pop-spokesgroup for Grameen; the microcreditsummit as one of the top 10 world citizen meeting formats; the extension of microcredit as the perfect concept to clean up the banking market into other concepts designed to partner trillion dollar global markets until they stop externalising destruction of each market's deepest human purpose (see trillion dollar audit game - left an early copy with you, otherwise it will emerge at and is backed up by the earlier book Alan was writing with me)